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Updated: Jun 27, 2022

As my book “Going it Alone: Ramblings and Reflections from the Trail” was headed to the presses I came to the conclusion that it was well past time that I have a writing website. It would provide information on my books, hopefully leading to them quickly becoming international best sellers. And it would provide links to some of my articles in various publications that I hope readers might find of interest. But a highlight for me of the new website would be this blog.

I’ve been a freelance writer for 20 years, and have written several hundred articles on a wide range of topics for a variety of publications, as well as regularly posting to several blogs for local businesses. But having my own blog will be a unique opportunity.

The freelance writing process for me usually involves coming up with an idea, and then trying to fit it into a publication that I write for, or would like to write for. But sometimes, some hare-brained idea, I mean wonderful and provocative story line, pops into my little brain that I believe is a worthwhile tale that needs to be told, but it won’t fit any of the venues I write for. This blog will now be a place to get that story out to the world. To venture and explore some interesting topics that don’t fit a commercial application, but hopefully are still something worthwhile to read. Topics that I don’t normally get a chance to talk about.

There will surely be essays on nature, as well as examinations into the foibles of life that make us crazy humans fascinating creatures, and there will be pieces about something that at this point hasn’t occurred to me. The thing about writing is the ideas seem to just pop into your head when you least expect it, although I have found ideas are most likely to appear while I’m hiking alone in the quiet wood. I hope you find the time to get out into the quiet woods near you and find your great ideas. See you here again soon.

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